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Accessories Shoes Bags and python printThe arrival of spring means that agendas are filled with social and family events. It is the time dedicated to showcase the best and most elegant galas. And to get the perfect look, shoes and accessories are the main allies. They are the secret to be bright and dazzle with style.

Marilo Dominguez is an expert in providing the finishing touch to a style with his designs of shoes and handbags. The universe has Marilo is unique, magical and elegant. Among acid colors, innovative materials and flowery prints and patterns, the designer reinterprets the classic python print. Read the rest of this entry »

The dress is one of the ways we express ourselves and show society. It has always been one of the hottest topics is and setting trends in the catwalks. We will give you some tips on how to dress fashionable and able to follow the trend of the moment.

How to dress in a modern styleThis is very important that supplies us with ideas and show us what is being used at present. Fashion magazines are a great input where we can find the tones that are going to use, clothing trend that will do in different seasons, the most important accessories, etc.

It’s good to take advantage of this medium, but sometimes it becomes bland and cold, to get the most: watching fashion shows, interviews with new designers, and all that we can contribute to the knowledge of trends and new clothes.

At a wedding the most beautiful woman should be the bride, but that does not go the other elegant. That’s why today we show you the best wedding gowns. The first is, of course, the bridesmaids, the collection of Pepe Botella or light pink for bridesmaids is a good choice.

Choosing a wedding dress that looks attractive and elegantYou know if the wedding is day or night because the light is very important for a party dress. The shorts are best suited for the former, while the long for the second. There are many catalogs that display images on these types of wedding dresses of many colors. Here are some pictures. Read the rest of this entry »

British Fashion Awards 2011: the best looks of the night. The British fashion industry put on his best clothes to attend the awards ceremony of the British Fashion Awards in its 2011 edition. The awards, which has delivered since 1984, are organized by the British Fashion Council and British fashion award, but not only for beginners, as the big winners of this year have been Sarah Burton, as the best designer the year and former Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham as the best female brand. The it girl, Alexa Chung, won the award for this style icon of British fashion Oscar.

Clothing that looks kinda when nightThe red carpet was placed at the entrance to the Savoy Hotel in London to host this edition of the British Fashion Awards, or Oscars of British fashion, which took place last Monday night. It was a lesson in fashion, not only in the delivery of these awards if not on the red carpet where we could see a whole hand fashion of British women smarter.

  • We start with a brand winner for best female of the night, Victoria Bechkam, who attended the gala black gown with a neckline “halter” with bare back and the pleated skirt, its own brand. For the feet, it was decided by a classical, Christian Louobutin platform pumps with a Daffodil model. And the former Spice Girl design of everything, even dresses for little Harper Seven. Read the rest of this entry »

Wedding dress for the year 2012Many think that in 2012 the world ends but for you to get married is the start of a new life. It seems that this year will bring many surprises, but here we will show that to you, the bride, you care about.

The trend in wedding dresses for the year comes we’re going to love it. Roughly one could say that two lines are quite different in design. On the one hand we have a romantic wedding with a vintage twist and the other a minimalist wedding.

This romantic bride wears a pretty dress-fitting, a model that conforms to your figure and exposes female forms highlighted by elegant decor. The skirts are preferred volume of this bride, ruffled, overlapping fabrics, embossed or embroidered fabric flowers. Read the rest of this entry »

A wedding dress that used to feast on the fieldProposals are Cymbeline, Immaculate Garcia and Yolanda in the past Cries Barcelona Bridal Week, WHO presented historical collection of wedding dresses 2012, of Which Suggest the Following models:

Fantastic wedding dress with embroidered waist girded with stones and flower designs. The beautiful skirt, Because It Takes a combination of moon and transparent tulle overlays. She wears a beautiful accessory to adorn your hair as touched.

If a wedding dress is, this set of three pieces is really ‘beautiful, you have to top of strips in the torso. A belt of flowers With Earth colors. Used with a pair bonbacho transparent and Protects the Back with a shawl tied around her waist.

If you want to be more daring or more, This Proposal Brings Cries is very interesting Yolanda: It Takes a top-notched type lace bra with bare abdomen just two strips of fabric to cross That You hold it. The skirt at the waist Begins, is long horizontal type designs peasant scoring three areas. Read the rest of this entry »

Wedding dress specially obese womenGetting married and one of your biggest concerns to see all the designs of dresses for brides is that all models are skinny and it seems that the dresses were only for women who weigh less than 50 kilos. Relax; there are models of wedding dresses for all body types.

Bear in mind that the models are chosen by the designers to showcase and sell their clothes does not mean that their creation can only be used for thin people. Definitely the Latina body has the characteristic to be curved and typical models are far from our biotype so do not get frustrated when looking at bridal magazines. Here we will help recommend the best for your frame and where you can find.

For example, Mori Lee designer bag house a collection called Juliet to women who wear plus sizes. In this exclusive collection for us curvy women the most beautiful dresses suitable for every body. Read the rest of this entry »

Flamenco fashion for brides by Vicky Martin BerrocalAs for wedding dresses is an incredible amount of trends, styles and tastes especially important thing is that if you’re getting married you are soaked everything bridal walk the runways so that inspires you when you decide on your own .

The Spanish designer Vicky Martin Berrocal presented his collection “Dream Flamenco” in 2012 and she was inspired by his Andalusian origins to lead to bold designs that mix a gypsy essence of elegance and modernity that characterizes the woman today.

Their designs are based on flamenco dance hugs the figure enhancing the female form to overflowing into skirts with layers and enough volume as seen on many catwalks for brides. Read the rest of this entry »

Designing a wedding dress that has a more elegantShort supply of wedding gowns vary in each country and sometimes you read about wedding dresses are not where you live or do not know where you could find.

Here we will help you find the perfect wedding dress for you depending on where you are.

Chances are that in Lima find the greatest variety of shops for brides and designers for being the capital and be much more connected with the latest fashion trends for brides and definitely have a lot more foreign influence and Fasteners to your needs if you are looking for the latest on the runway.

Suarez Catterina that not only is a fashion designer but it also is the image consultant will help you a lot and it can trust the accessories that go with your dress better. Enter here and find all the information you need to get in touch with the fashion house.

The house offers bridal Suenselle bridal apparel customized and adapted to the requirements of the bride, here definitely find what you want. On their website you can find pictures of your designs and you can contact them. Animate this option and click here.

Since the early nineties when I signed Giulian & Raf were known for their exquisite designs in wedding dresses that fit current international trends and tastes of contemporary brides. To get in touch with the fashion house enters your website and get the personalized service you expect. Read the rest of this entry »

The beginning of summer gives way to the retro styling, these well made bows and braids that looked so good in the 70′s, 80′s and 90′s return with force to accompany you on this important moment of your life: the wedding.

 4 Retro hairstyles for bridesAs was expected this year incorporates the concept even more retro, this time coming hairstyles already wore for months back on the catwalks of Europe and now brides come to America to become the alternative to the more modern and elegant wedding . Read the rest of this entry »